Japan Bucket List

A list of things I would like to do (time and holidays permitting!) during my two years in Japan, in no particular order.

(Just for fun, I’m going to keep going with this list, even though my two years are up!)

  1. Ride on a Shinkansen Completed! 2013-09-14
  2. Go to Tokyo Disneyland Completed! 2013-11-02 & 2013-11-03
  3. See Arashi in concert Completed! 2013-12-14
  4. Go to Tokyo Tower Completed! 2013-12-16
  5. Hanami in Honjo Park Completed! 2014-04-23
  6. Visit Kyoto Completed! 2014-04-27
  7. Visit Hiroshima (esp. the Hiroshima Peace Park) Completed! 2014-04-30
  8. Go to Miyajima & Itsukushima Shrine Completed! 2014-04-30
  9. Visit Nara Completed! 2014-05-01
  10. See Mount Fuji Completed! 2014-05-02
  11. Go to an onsen Completed! 2014-05-02
  12. Find the Chureito Pagoda Completed! 2014-05-03
  13. Learn a traditional Japanese dance Completed! 2014-06-21
  14. Climb Mt. Chokai Completed! 2014-07-21
  15. Go to the Kanto Festival in Akita City Completed! 2014-08-04
  16. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in USJ Osaka Completed! 2014-09-30
  17. Go to an outdoor onsen in winter Completed! 2015-01-31
  18. See The Tokyo Ballet perform Completed! 2015-02-22
  19. Visit the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo Completed! 2015-02-23
  20. See the snow monkeys in Nagano Completed! 2015-03-10
  21. Go to the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto Completed! 2015-03-25
  22. See a geisha (geiko/maiko) in Kyoto Completed! 2015-03-25
  23. See the cherry blossoms in Kakunodate, Akita Completed! 2015-04-19
  24. Go to the top of Tokyo SkyTree Completed! 2015-04-24
  25. Go to Himeji Castle Completed! 2015-06-02
  26. Have cutesy nails done at a salon Completed! 2015-06-13
  27. Go horseback riding on Mt. Chokai Completed! 2015-07-11
  28. Go to the top of Akita Port Tower Completed! 2015-07-18
  29. See the Statue of Tatsuko at Tazawako, Akita Completed! 2015-07-19
  30. See Matsushima Completed! 2016-03-10
  31. Eat at a kiritanpo restaurant in Akita City Completed! 2016-03-11
  32. Learn taiko
  33. Take the JLPT N4
  34. Go to the Sapporo Snow Festival
  35. Go to the Sapporo Summer Festival
  36. Vacation in Okinawa
  37. Dress up as a geiko/maiko in Kyoto
  38. Take a kyudo test
  39. See Do As Infinity in concert
  40. See the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki, Aomori
  41. Go to the Tanabata Festival in Sendai
  42. Go to the Aomori Nebuta Festival


Japan has 47 prefectures and I want to visit as many as I can! Here is a list of the prefectures I’ve visited so far (in order of first date of visit):

  1. Tokyo
  2. Akita
  3. Yamagata
  4. Chiba
  5. Miyagi
  6. Aichi
  7. Kyoto
  8. Osaka
  9. Hiroshima
  10. Nara
  11. Yamanashi
  12. Iwate
  13. Hyogo
  14. Hokkaido
  15. Niigata
  16. Nagano
  17. Kanagawa

17/47 (as of April 2015)


9 thoughts on “Japan Bucket List

  1. thepolkadotbride says:

    We never got to go to the Tokyo Magic Kingdom but we were in the other park, Disney Sea. I remember there not being a lot of rides but it was also 47′ c when I was there so we were all a little loopy!

    You are just going to have the best time!

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