TLT: Kit Kats

Regardless of where you live in the world, you’ve probably eaten a Kit Kat chocolate bar before, or have seen one, or at least have heard of them. However, you haven’t really eaten/seen/heard of a Kit Kat bar until you eat/see/hear about Japan’s!


My current stash of Kit Kats!

Since moving to Japan, I’ve seen dark chocolate, pumpkin, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry cheesecake, green tea, dragonfruit, citrus golden blend, cookies and cream (my favourite!), hot Japanese chili pepper… You name it, Japan has a flavoured Kit Kat for it! I’ve even heard of wasabi-flavoured ones!

Some of these Kit Kats are dyed to match their flavour, too, such as the sakura matcha (cherry blossom-green tea) Kit Kats that I bought at Narita Airport during last winter vacation. Despite their green colour, they were actually really good!

Green sakura matcha Kit Kats! Don't let the colour fool you - they're actually delicious! (Source)

Green sakura matcha Kit Kats! Don’t let the colour fool you – they’re actually delicious! (Source)

And not only can the colours and flavours be unique, but so can the method of eating them. In fact, Kit Kat Japan has even made a bakeable Kit Kat.


The pudding-flavoured bakeable Kit Kats that I tried!

The pudding-flavoured… bakeable Kit Kats?!

As a Westerner living in Japan, I consider it my mission to check the chocolate aisle every time I go to see if new or different Kit Kats are in stock. So, when I saw these at my supermarket last spring, I had to buy them! I actually don’t have a toaster oven, but I used the grill function on my oven-microwave to bake the Kit Kat for 4 minutes. It didn’t turn out as puffy and golden brown as the picture on the bag, but it tasted much better than I thought it would! It really does turn into a crumbly, pudding-flavoured, delicious biscuit… How strange!

However, considering this country has its own Kit Kat specialty store, I wouldn’t expect anything less!


Even the stores in Narita Airport sell the unique Kit Kats so you can get your fix before you leave Japan!

One of the reasons I’ve heard about why the chocolate bar is so popular (and thus has so many flavours) is that, when pronounced in Japanese, Kit Kats turns into “kitto katsu,” which is a homonym for “you’ll surely win.” Kit Kats are seen as good luck and students will sometimes eat a Kit Kat before writing an important exam.

Regardless of why their popularity in Japan has exploded, if you ever come to Japan, your Japanese experience will not be complete without trying at least one of the unique flavours of Kit Kats!


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