Sunset on an amazing weekend!

Monday, December 16th, was unfortunately my last day in Tokyo. I woke up fairly early to pack and check out of the hotel, then it was off to Shibuya for breakfast!


Good morning, Shibuya!


… Okay, well, first, I got distracted by the Disney Store. But then I had breakfast!

For breakfast, I chose none other than Starbucks at Shibuya Crossing. This Starbucks has seats that overlook the scramble crossing in front of Shibuya Station – one of the busiest pedestrian crosswalks in the world! Unfortunately, when I was there, it wasn’t very busy, but the experience was still totally worth it.


Finally crossed Starbucks at Shibuya Crossing off my Tokyo bucket list!

I spent a long time in Shibuya, window shopping and actually shopping. There were so many stores and so many cute things! It took all I had not to buy one of everything.


One of the streets of Shibuya.

Then, on the recommendation of S, I decided to try out a cat cafe – and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like! I went to Hapi Neko in Shibuya. It was expensive – 1000yen for 30 minutes – but it was totally worth it! The cats were adorable, and one or two of them even snuggled up to me! It made me miss having a cat.


Apple tea, biscuits, and a kitty – what more could you want?


Some cats snoozing, overlooking Shibuya.


My heart melted. <3

For lunch, I went to an udon restaurant that served the best udon I’ve ever had – hands down! You could watch them making the udon by hand. So, so good!


Gyuuniku bukkake udon and a fried shrimp for lunch!

My stomach was full, but my wallet was empty, so I decided to stop shopping and to do some more sightseeing. And where else better to go than the symbol of Tokyo, the place I’ve dreamed about visiting for over eight years? Why, I went to Tokyo Tower, of course!


All the feels. All of them.

Tokyo Tower was even more impressive in real life that I ever could have imagined. And the view – just, wow. I had timed my visit so that I would be able to watch the sun set over Tokyo, but even I couldn’t anticipate how beautiful that view would be!


Looking north towards Tokyo Sky Tree!

… especially when I walked to the west side of the tower and realized that I COULD SEE MOUNT FUJI.


Mount Fuji!!!! There are no words.

I found a cafe on the lower observation deck and sat down with cake and a coffee while I watched the sun set. The view was incredible!


NBD, just chillin’ with Mount Fuji.

I spent over an hour and a half just walking around the observation decks, taking in as much of the city as I could.


The last stages of the sunset.

The Tower even had its own illumination – the halls were strung with Christmas lights and decorations that really added to the atmosphere.


Christmas decorations inside the Tower!


Looking southeast. Hi, Rainbow Bridge!


Leaving Tokyo Tower. It’s lit up with 2020 – the year of the Tokyo Olympics.


Visiting Tokyo Tower was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my entire time in Japan so far. <3

My time was getting short and I still wanted to see at least one more illumination, so I hopped back on the subway to Roppongi to visit Tokyo Midtown.


One of the roads near Tokyo Midtown.

When I finally arrived, I was greeted with the best illumination I’ve ever seen – ever!


The Starlight Garden at Tokyo Midtown. Pictures don’t do it justice!


Not bad for 280,000 LED lights! The lights were choreographed to music and had a space theme.

I had to leave to catch the night bus so I couldn’t stay long, but the Midtown illumination was the perfect way to end an amazing trip! I had an absolutely wonderful weekend – the best one in Japan yet! I am falling more and more in love with Tokyo with every trip I take, and I can’t wait to go back. <3


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