Tokyo Disney, Day 2 + Tokyo, Day 3

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Sunday, November 3, was Tokyo DisneySea! Only N, T, and I went this time, as A and K had plans to meet up and go shopping. We were a little late leaving the hostel, so by the time we got to DisneySea, it was already packed! The line-ups for rides were ridiculously long, but the park itself was so gorgeous that it completely made up for not going on many rides. (Not to mention that my stomach still hadn’t really settled after riding Space Mountain the day before!)


There’s no way that this can be less than 20 minutes from the largest metropolis in the world.


The entire park was breathtaking!

Pictures don’t do the park justice – you honestly feel like you’ve left Japan. The architecture and design of the buildings, the fake volcano that they built… It was so magical. And, of course, they had Christmas decorations up everywhere, too!


Everything about DisneySea is so beautiful!

I only went on two rides at DisneySea (Aquatopia and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), but I was okay with that – while T and N went on a third ride, I walked around the park and had lunch near a huge temple-thing.


I told you that DisneySea had crazy amazing architecture!

We originally were planning to meet up with A and K for a last supper before A and K got the trains home, but T, N, and I were having too much fun at DisneySea and didn’t want to leave so early. Although we did miss A and K, I’m really glad we stayed – at 8pm, we got to see the show Fantasmic in the DisneySea Harbour.


Fantasmic was 20 minutes of lights and characters dancing on boats and fireworks and fire and music and everything that you can think of when you think of Disney. It was an incredible show! I think it was my favourite part of the entire weekend at Disneyland.


Heading back to the hostel!

After the show ended, we went straight back to the hostel and turned in early.

N, T, and I allowed ourselves to sleep in a little on Monday before we packed up our stuff and checked out of the hostel. We took the subway to the Hard Rock Café in Ueno Station where we had real Western food(!). We were just a little excited.


Look! It’s a REAL hamburger!!

After stuffing our faces, we took the subway over to Harajuku. T and N hadn’t seen the Meiji Shrine before, so we took a detour through there. Turns out that this holiday Monday also happened to be the day that they were celebrating Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3), a holiday where children who are 7, 5, and 3 years old have a “coming of age”. We got to see so many adorable children dressed up! We were also lucky enough to see part of a Japanese wedding.


Part of the wedding that we got to see.

I love Meiji Shrine!

We did a lot of shopping in Harajuku then, hitting H&M, Forever21, and a few side stores before going to Starbucks for a coffee (or, in my case, a gingerbread latte!!!!). T and N had to get earlier trains than me, so we said our goodbyes and I stayed on the roof of the Starbucks, drinking my latte and studying Japanese – oh, and listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! (I really do love Christmas!)


There’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of a big city!

Overall, it really was a great weekend spent with friends! Disneyland and DisneySea were everything I thought they’d be – and more! Tokyo is really starting to grow on me and I can’t wait to go back there again – in two days! :)


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