My Favourite Word

One of the questions that students often ask me is, “What is your favourite Japanese word?”

Considering that Japanese is a dynamic language with so many interesting and unique words, phrases, and sayings (more-so than English, IMO), this question may seem difficult. But for me, it’s easy:

懐かしい (なつかしい、natsukashii)

Natsukashii is one of those words that can’t be easily translated into English. This blogger summed it up nicely when he wrote, “Natsukashii is used to communicate a feeling of ‘Awww, I remember that! Those were such nice times, just thinking about it makes me feel so… natsukashii.’”

For me, natsukashii is sitting in my living room, sipping Tetley Tea and listening to Jigs and Reels (a local Sunday morning radio show that plays Newfoundland traditional music – and conveniently streams it online!). Natsukashii is hearing music from A Charlie Brown Christmas when I’m shopping at the 100yen store. Natsukashii is baking recipes that remind me of baking with my Nan or Mom…

I love feeling natsukashii. <3


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