School Lunch is Awesome!

I’m being completely honest when I say that lunch time is my favourite part of the day. That’s partly because I get to spend 30 minutes looking at Newfoundland news websites “guilt”-free, but it’s mostly because I get to eat the school lunch.

My non-Japanese/non-JET friends may be thinking, ‘eww, school lunch? Isn’t that, like, inedible mush?’

Nope! Not in Japan!


My first school lunch! Clockwise from top right: milk, sauteed vegetables, some kind of fried delicious thing, udon, and bread.

The whole process behind the school lunch is pretty intense. Our school has a school nutritionist who plans each and every meal. She counts the calories, protein, and fat, and puts together a monthly menu of what we’ll have each day. Every day is different and there are no main entree repeats within a single month.


I loved this one! Clockwise from top right: milk, minestrone, bread (with a packet of chocolate sauce that you could spread on the bread yourself), fried fish (it reminded me of cod, even though I know it wasn’t!), and sauteed vegetables.

Our school has a large kitchen. Every day before 8am, the kitchen staff are already busy at work, handmaking each meal for all 500+ students and staff at my school.


When I say handmade, I mean handmade. Look at the size of that spoon!

The meals tend to be Japanese-style, and definitely not Western-style. We always either have a side of bread or rice. There is usually a miso soup or some other kind of soup. The main entree is usually a meat, and sometimes we’ll have a side of sauteed vegetables. Sometimes we’ll even get a little pudding for dessert! (Those are the best days.) And the milk – oh man, I’ve never drank anything like it before. I actually start to crave it! It’s not regular milk; it’s almost sweeter? Soooo gooooood. Too bad it has 8g of fat in that tiny 200g carton, though!


One of the more Japanese-style ones we’ve had. Clockwise from top right: milk, miso soup, plain rice, sauteed vegetables, and cooked fish. We also got a green apple jello with this one, yummy!

No matter what we have, the lunches are always delicious! It’s a lot of food, but I always clean my plates down to the last grain of rice.


Bibimbap! Plus a vegetable soup, milk, and a slice of (frozen) pineapple for dessert.

I have yet to have something that I haven’t been able to eat, which is saying something for me because I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to food.  That’ll tell you how good they are!


Clockwise from top right: milk, corn soup (I think?), bread, steamed vegetables, and a “hamburg” – a kind of Japanese hamburger patty.

On the downside, the school lunches are not free – we do have to pay  ¥320 ($3.20 CDN) for each meal. However, considering the size of the meal, how delicious they are, and the convenience of not having to make my own lunch every morning, it’s totally worth the ¥320!


My favourite day of all – chicken curry day! And with a fruit salad for dessert? Bonus. :)


2 thoughts on “School Lunch is Awesome!

  1. Caz David says:

    Ah! Udon! Oishi! (I suddenly remembered how AMNOS says oishi or umai when eating~) Good thing you adapted quickly to Japanese cuisine! Everything looks soooo delicious! Sorry if I am spamming your blog with comments… ^^

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