The Japanese Hair Salon Experience

(Originally written: Saturday, September 21, 2013)

After going almost eight weeks without a hair cut, I was in desperate need of one. A four day weekend seemed like the perfect time to test out a Japanese hair salon! My friend, S, recommended one to me. She told me I could go as a walk-in, which was a definite bonus as I wouldn’t have to make an appointment over the phone(!). So, this afternoon, I decided to try it out.

From the moment I stepped into the salon, I was well taken care of. The first thing they did was take my purse and lock it in one of the lockers that they have at the front of the salon. I didn’t have to worry about my purse for the duration of the appointment – so smart! They gave me a form to fill out so that I could become a member and get a discount on this and all future appointments – sweet! Everyone there spoke Japanese, but there was one girl who spoke some English. She helped me with the form, and then I waited for maybe 5 minutes until my hair dresser came over to me. We sat down and had a “consultation” – all I can say is thank goodness for pictures, haha! Together, we figured out a look in a magazine that would work well for me. Then, I was handed off to the hair washer.

In Canada, I love getting my hair washed, but I hate those silly chairs you have to sit in. I find they always hurt my neck and I can never get comfortable. Well, Japan has the solution – they put me in an oversized leather chair and then reclined it so I was lying flat(!). They covered my lower legs with a blanket and then covered my face with a facecloth. They even had a special, fabric stand for me to lay my glasses in! Half-way through, they put a hot towel around my neck. It felt so goooood.

Once my hair was washed, I was moved to the main part of the salon where I would have my hair cut. The girl who washed my hair chatted with me for a bit while I waited for my hair dresser. She gave me a head-neck-and-shoulders massage, too, which was the most amazing thing ever! I also found out that she knows one of my JTEs – what a small world!

My hair dresser came back shortly after and she started to cut my hair. She was very precise, which I really appreciated. She blow dried and styled my hair, gave it a few finishing touches, and, ta-da!, first hair cut in Japan, finished.

Using my key, I got my purse out of the locker, and then paid my hairdresser the 2500yen for the appointment (about $25.00 Canadian – not bad at all!). I will definitely be going back there again. Next time, I want to have my hair coloured, too… Ahh, I’m so excited! What a great experience!


Yay for hair cuts! :)


One thought on “The Japanese Hair Salon Experience

  1. Caz David says:

    They are really precised with the length and cut right? In my country, I usually visit Mr. Toyama in another city just because he is a great hairstylist. He is also Japanese, so he gets what I want for a haircut (gyaru sometimes!)

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