Back to School!

(Originally written: August 19, 2013)

Today was my first day at school!

Well, if you can call it that.

My supervisor picked me up at 10:30am and drove me (through the pouring, thundering rain!) to my base Junior High School. Once there, I met the Principal and Vice Principal, and we sat in the office while they talked with my supervisor in Japanese. I could understand the gist of the conversation, but some of it was foggy.

The tea lady brought us some delicious cold tea (yum!), and then the Vice Principal took me on a very short tour of the school – I saw the teacher’s entrance, my shoe cubby, my locker, the ladies washroom, and my desk in the teacher’s room. Then my supervisor spoke with the Principal/Vice Principal for a few minutes and – owarimashita. Finished.

Seriously. That was my first day.

I did give both the Principal and the Vice Principal my omiyage – hand-made wooden bookmarks from home that had CANADA written on them and wooden carvings of a moose and a puffin, two animals for which my province is well known. I gave them to the P/VP just as we were leaving. Phew, it’s always such a relief to give away omiyage! Now that’s one less thing I have to remember to bring with me and/or worry about the right time to give it!

My supervisor drove me home at 11:15am (seriously). I FaceTime’d with home for a bit, and now I have the rest of the afternoon to myself! I’m going to work on my self-introduction speech (which has to be approximately 1 minute – in Japanese!) and maybe my self-introduction lesson, although I really want to wait to speak with my JTEs before I go any further than I have already (do I get the full 50 minute class? Only 10 minutes? Is there anything grammar-wise that I need to include?, etc.). Tonight, it looks like I’m going out for supper with a few other city ALTs, which I am really looking forward to! Yummm, Japanese food. <3


One thought on “Back to School!

  1. litesneezefromCanada says:

    Hey! I have been watching all of your videos – glad to see that Akita-ken is so awesome – and I hope you keep them coming! I still don’t have Internet, :( But it’s being installed October 1st! Hope to talk to you soon!

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