Too wa~arm. :(

(Originally written: August 17, 2013)

The hardest thing about getting used to life in Japan so far has not been the language barrier, nor the homesickness, nor the culture shock, nor the different (and sometimes strange) food, nor my car-less existence. Nope. It has, by far, been the heat.

We were told multiple times during our Weekend and Pre-Departure Orientations that Japan summers are Hot and Humid (with a capital H). Seeing as my hometown had just gone through a week-long 25°C+ heat wave with high humidity and I barely even flinched, I laughed in the face of Japan’s Hot and Humid summer.

Oh boy, did I ever underestimate Japan.

Since arriving in Japan, every day has been above 30°C. These high temperatures, combined with high humidity (today, the humidity is 84%!!!) and little-to-no wind, make life less than comfortable for me, especially because, back home, we barely have seven days a year that are 30°C.


That being said, when I’m outside, it’s not too bad. I get a little sweaty, yes, but I’m usually walking, so that’s to be expected. The worst is inside my apartment. Even with the air conditioner on and fan blowing, I can sit at my computer, doing nothing but blogging, and feel the sweat running down my forehead and the backs of my legs. Ewww.

Unfortunately, the night doesn’t bring any relief. Although the temperature goes down to 23°C, the humidity outside ensures that my apartment – and especially my bedroom – remains a sauna. It makes sleeping incrediblyyyy uncomfortable.

Oh, Japan. You win this one. I am soooo looking forward to Autumn.


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