My Japanese is… improving?!

(Originally written: August 13, 2013)

This language course is making me so busy! Up at 6am, train to Akita City at 7:30am, language course all day, train home at 6pm, grocery/100 Yen/Aeon shopping on the walk home, home by 7:45pm… Only to get up and do it all over again. Part of me will be glad when it’s over tomorrow. :P

We actually didn’t have the language course yesterday, but because we did have it on Saturday and Sunday (and thus “worked” on Saturday and Sunday), we were given Monday and Thursday off as compensation. Yay!

Yesterday I didn’t do much – I slept in (until 7am!), made pancakes (the most delicious), then spent a lot of time cleaning my apartment (it’s still not up to my incredibly high standard of cleanliness). I had an early supper of curry (that I made all by myself!) and started to get ready to go to a movie night with C and I, two city ALTs – only to realize that C’s apartment was an hour’s walk away from mine. It really sucks not having a car. :( So, instead, I went exploring around my neighbourhood and managed to buy a screen protector for my iPhone. My spending habits are getting a little out of control; I really have to cut back on buying so many things, haha. Oops.

Today it was back to Akita City for Day 3 of the language course.  I think my listening is really improving?! Our sensei is using less and less English – the entire day is almost exclusively in Japanese now – but I’m still understanding pretty much everything. We are even learning new grammar structures that I haven’t previously studied. Even though my brain is tired, the course still get two big thumbs up from me! Although we’ll see how it goes tomorrow when us Level 3s are put in with the Level 4s because our sensei will not be there…


Oh, yeah – have I mentioned how beautiful my prefecture is?

Tonight, my aunt was “walking” me home from the supermarket – because my phone plan has unlimited data, I can FaceTime on cellular data. When I was almost back to my apartment, I passed by the same junior high school student and her mom from a few days ago, who were just getting home themselves. I stopped and chatted with them for a few minutes (all in Japanese!!!) – they really are sooo nice! – and then continued on my way with my aunt still on FaceTime. The combination of both my aunt and my student&her mom really made my night. I will be going to bed with a smile on my face tonight. :)


A beautiful sunset on the train ride home!


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