Supper and karaoke and Japanese classes… oh my!

(Originally written: August 10, 2013)

Last night was so much fun!

We went to a traditional-style Japanese restaurant and sat in a traditional room. The restaurant was beautiful and the food was amazing!


My amazingly delicious meal! Yum. :)

After, we all went to a local bar (the local ALT hangout) for a drink and – surprise! – karaoke. I had such a blast at karaoke! We all sang cheesy English songs, and some of us even attempted Japanese songs! You actually select the karaoke songs and queue them using a touch screen computer. Call me easily amused, but it was so cool. I did Arashi’s “Love So Sweet” (I love being able to say that I’m an Arashi fan without seeming like a 5478930543% nerd), and the (Japanese) guys at the next table even joined in at one point! So. Much. Fun. :)


Queuing songs at karaoke!

We made it an early night because a lot of us had to get up early this morning to head to Akita City for an Intensive Japanese Language course. C and I took an early train to B’s house (again, wow, how beautiful is Akita?!), and then B drove us into Akita City, where the course was being held. With Level 1 being beginner and Level 4 being the most experienced, I was placed in Level 3 – yikes! There were two other people in my class, and I’d like to think that we were all a good match. Our sensei spoke to us 99% in Japanese, which really woke up my listening skills, but really tired my brain out. Learning a new language is exhausting!


Waiting for the train to Akita City.

B drove C and me back to the train station, and we were back in Yurihonjo by 6:30pm. On my walk back home, I found a supermarket (yay, food!) and stopped in there. I picked up a few more necessities, then walked home. I stumbled across Arashi ni Shiyagare(!) on my TV, so I watched that while eating supper. Tomorrow is another early morning, so I’m going to bed shortly. I need to wake up at 6am to make the train… bleh!


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