Getting set up and settled in

(Originally written: August 9, 2013)

I am watching TV and the news is playing Tubthumping’s “Chumbawamba” (I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down…).

Now it’s playing music from the Inuyasha soundtracks as background music to a news story. (It’s sad that I know that.)

And now, music from Spirited Away.

… I am definitely in Japan.


Today’s breakfast (and accompanying amusing news story…)

Today was a busy day. S picked me up at 10am and we went to check in with my supervisor. Once we had done that, it was off to pick up my hanko – my personal stamp that I need when doing financial transactions/signing contracts/doing anything official. Once I had that, we could go to the bank! Between waiting in line and completing the paperwork, we were there for about an hour. However, the wait was totally worth it; my bank book has Astro Boy on it! :P

After getting everything set up at the bank, it was off to au to get my cell phone (!!!). This was a very long process and actually involved us filling out paperwork for an hour, then being told that we had to wait another hour for them to activate the phone. Yikes. S and I were hungry by this point, so we used the hour to go to lunch at Kappa Sushi, a conveyor belt sushi store. You place your order using a touch screen menu, and minutes later a mini-Shinkansen (bullet train) would deliver your food right to your table. Amazingggg. It was delicious, too! I tried yellowtail sushi for the first time; it was really good. :)

We went back to au and picked up my phone – my phone!!!! – and then went back to the BOE to meet with my supervisor. After, S and I did some more shopping before she dropped me home at 5pm. Phew!


My first picture on my new iPhone! The wonderful view from my bedroom. :)

But! The day is not over yet! S arranged for the new ALTs in my city to go out for supper tonight and then go to a bar for a drink or two after. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone! I’d better go get ready now – ttfn! (Wow, I haven’t used ttfn in forever.)


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