Pre-Departure Jitters

With less than a week before I leave home, the stress and jitters of moving are really starting to kick in.

Everything is definitely becoming more and more real, especially as I sit here and read all of the blogs and posts from JETs departing with Group A, all of whom are at their Pre-Departure Orientations today. It’s crazy to know that, one week from today, it will be me and the rest of the Group Bs at our PDOs!

This last week has been a little strange; I’ve found it difficult to balance spending time with family and friends versus spending time getting myself ready to move (running errands, cleaning out my room, packing, taking pictures of home, etc.) versus having quality, quiet “me” time. I’ve definitely been more irritable and on edge lately – whether that’s from the stress of moving or the fact that I haven’t been sleeping very well, I don’t know. Sometimes, I wish that I could be in Japan already so I didn’t have to deal with these stresses anymore. (Then I remind that I’m going to be confronted by other stressors in Japan, and that it’s all a part of the moving process, and that I’d better say “yes” to plans because I’m not going to see these friends and family again for another year…)

After fighting with these feelings for most of the last two weeks, my aunt invited me to go strawberry picking with her, my cousin, and my cousin’s friend on Wednesday. I said yes, not knowing that getting out of the house for the day was exactly what I needed.

U-Pick Strawberries! Who knew that picking berries could be so therapeutic?

U-Pick Strawberries! Who knew that picking berries could be so therapeutic?

On the drive to the farm, we were worried about the weather – it was pecking rain and overcast, albeit humid and warm. Fortunately for us, the rain stopped as soon as we got to the farm, so we stayed dry and had the field to ourselves! The berries were plentiful and it was so much fun to do something not related to Japan for once. We spent the entire day together, eating pizza, visiting my Nan, and even looking at fancy, expensive RVs just for fun. It really was a great day!

As we get closer to August 1, I’m trying my best to remember how I felt on Wednesday, and trying to remember to breathe and relax. After all, I still have six whole days before I leave, and I’m slowly but surely ticking things off my to-do list.


P.S. 9 days ’til Japan!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Departure Jitters

  1. Karla says:

    I feel the same way, I’m so busy with moving out of my apartment that I’m not doing anything for myself. I find myself crying while I’m trying to work on packing and I don’t know why I feel so sad. I am excited for Japan, realizing a life goal, but I feel overwhelmed as well. Here’s to us and the new adventure we are embarking on! We will be having a great time in Japan and I hope I can see everyone! Maybe a reunion weekend in Tokyo? :D

    • Christina says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling that way, Karla!
      A reunion weekend in Tokyo would be so much fun! We definitely should do that. :)

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