VAF Nightmares… or not!

I’m sure everyone has heard about the horrors of preparing a visa application to enter another country. I’ve seen the complaints of many on Facebook and I’ve heard first-hand of the troubles my friend, D, went through when trying to enter the UK. Needless to say, I was filled with dread at the prospect of receiving, completing, and returning my visa application to Montreal within a two week time frame.

Turns out, these fears were completely unnecessary! Cue happy dancing.

Maybe this is just the case for Canadian JETs, but my visa application form was a mere two pages long. The form was pretty basic: name, DOB, current address, nationality, passport info, and the reason and length for my visit to Japan. Perhaps the most difficult part of the form was having to fill in the name and address of my Contracting Organization, simply because I didn’t have this information on hand. I checked “no” in a bunch of boxes, glued on one 45mm x 45mm passport-type photo, and – ta-da! – my visa application form was finished.


The Montreal JET Desk was a huge help in making this process so simple. In the email, they included a sample application form that we could use as reference. They had also filled out a lot of the JET-related fields, such as CLAIR’s info as our Guarantor in Japan, and gave us hints on what to write in some fields, such as the purpose of our visit.
* It’s interesting to note that we must write “1 year” for our “Intended length of stay in Japan,” even if we plan to re-contract and stay longer.

I will be mailing my forms, with my passport included, off to the Montreal JET Desk tomorrow via registered mail. Hopefully it will arrive in Montreal by July 15 (the due date)!

One more thing off of my checklist… Good thing, seeing as there’s only 32 days ’til Japan!


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