Everything’s coming up roses

I got an e-mail on Friday night from the Nippon Travel Agency, telling me that my flights had been booked. It’s official – I leave Halifax on August 2, arrive in Montreal just in time for Pre-Departure Orientation, then it’s off to Toronto on August 3 for the direct flight from YYZ-NRT, arriving in Tokyo on August 4! Eeee~

Now, to book my flight from home to Halifax on August 1…

I don’t want to jinx it, but things are falling into place nicely. I found out today that my apartment requires no key money – hallelujah! That’s a significant amount of money in my pocket. I also learned that there are ballet classes that I can take in Yurihonjo! Unfortunately, there is no dance club at my school, but I am really excited to know that I can continue dancing while I am in Japan.

The more I hear from my pred and the more I learn about my placement, the more excited I am to make the move to Japan!

41 days to go!


4 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up roses

    • Christina says:

      I did look at the hotel – it does look really nice! JET is spoiling us. ;)

      I hope so! My fingers are crossed, haha. If not, one of the current JETs in my city said that I might be able to join one of the university dance clubs. That would be pretty cool, too, if it works out!

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