My pred is the best!

I woke up yesterday to an e-mail from one of the departing Yurihonjo JETs whom I’ve been e-mailing. They found out yesterday that I am their successor! Yahoo!

I will have a base Junior High School (JHS) where I will be spending the majority of my time. I will also be making visits twice a month to an Elementary School (ES). Part of me was hoping that I would get to spend more time at elementary schools, but I am excited nonetheless! After all, as ramandabinsapporoshi pointed out, I will get to know my students better and be able to bond with them by having so few schools.

So, yay! ^_^

I also found out that my apartment is small with only three rooms – a kitchen-living-bedroom, a toilet room, and a washing room (shower, sink, washing machine). My awesome pred is going to send me a video of my apartment, and is also leaving a lot of stuff for me!!! That will be a huge help when I first move in.

My pred has been amazing at giving me info about my new home. My fingers are crossed that all of your preds are this awesome, too!

44 days ’til Japan!


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