Much ado about… nothing.

I feel like I haven’t done anything in the last week to get ready for Japan. (Well, unless you count studying Japanese. Or getting my hair coloured and cut. But I don’t count them.) I have no excuse; I just don’t know what I should be doing!

I have not received any contact from my Contracting Organization (CO) or my Board of Education (BOE) yet. Fortunately, I am not the exception – a lot of people haven’t heard from their CO/BOE yet, either. Unfortunately, that means that I don’t have any details on my placement beyond the fact that it’s in Yurihonjo. I have been e-mailing two lovely departing Yurihonjo JETs, but because my exact placement is not official, I don’t know which one (if either of them) is my predecessor. I also have not heard much from my Consulate about pre-departure. I have seen a number of people on the forums and other blogs receiving visa application forms and flight info from their Consulates, but those of us with Montreal have not been as lucky yet.

The waiting game continues!

With all of the waiting, I really don’t know how I should be using my time. I can’t pack – I need my suitcases for two more trips before I leave for Japan. I’ve also discovered that there’s a limit to the number of lists that I can make before I start to go crazy. I probably should be getting pictures and other show-and-tell items ready for my self-introduction lesson (jikoshoukai), but…

One useful thing that I actually have done is I mailed my Yakkan Shoumei application to CLAIR in Japan. For those who don’t know, the Yakkan Shoumei certificate is required by those who want to bring more than a month’s worth of a medication with them to Japan. Although the Montreal Pre-Departure Calendar said that the forms had to be mailed by June 21, when I double-checked, our Coordinator told me that that date is just a recommendation. However, the forms do have to be in Japan at least three weeks before our arrival. This timeline ensures that they can be processed and mailed back to our Consulate in time for our departure. Due to the fact that I live in Newfoundland and things take FOREVER to get off the island, I mailed mine last week.

The forms themselves actually weren’t too bad to fill out. Be prepared to do a lot of research into your medication, including knowing the company (and country!) by which is it manufactured and all active ingredients/their quantities. As well, make sure you have a copy of your prescription and proof of your arrival date in Japan! I basically followed the examples in the GIH to a T. Turns out my medication is made by a Japanese company and is actually sold in Japan, so I’m hoping that means my Yakkan Shoumei will go through without a hitch!

My fingers are crossed that I will hear from my CO/BOE/Consulate soon… After all, there are only 46 days ’til Japan!


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