Look at what came in the mail yesterday!

Look at what came in the mail yesterday!

I’m a real JET now. ^_^

Mom and I spent last night watching the DVD that came with the GIH. Most of it was stuff that I already knew through browsing the forums, reading other JET blogs, and e-mail conversations with current and incoming JETs, but it was nice to see it in video format. Plus, getting to see bits and pieces of Tokyo Orientation, as well as getting an apartment set up, etc., makes moving to Japan seem so much more real (at least, it did for me) – yikes!

I briefly looked through the Japanese for JETs textbook, too. As someone who already knows hiragana/katakana, the romaji is a little frustrating, but the vocabulary seems useful and it means I have another CD to practice my listening, which is good!

I’m mailing my Yakkan Shoumei application forms today. Wish me luck!

51 days ’til Japan!


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