Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork

It has been three weeks since I found out I was shortlisted. To say that they were a busy three weeks would be an understatement! On top of writing final exams for my university courses and being incredibly busy at my job, I spent the past 21 days scurrying around town trying to complete all of the paperwork required for accepting my position – and, boy, was there a lot of paperwork.

Something that I had not considered at the time of my application was the amount of money required in setting up this job. The health certificate and criminal records check alone cost me $60! (Thankfully my chest x-ray was covered by my provincial government’s health plan, but I have heard of other JETs having to pay for this, too.) Mailing my reply form via Xpresspost cost me another $20. I had to apply for a new passport ($90, although I don’t count this as related directly to JET because I would have had to renew it eventually, anyway), and this is on top of the money for flights/hotel to-and-from Halifax for my interview, again in July for orientation weekend, and the flight to Halifax in August before flying Halifax-Tokyo… Luckily I am in a situation where I could afford these expenses; however, they are definitely something for future JET applicants to consider.

That being said, is the cost worth it? To that question, I answer a huge, excited YES. My reply forms, health certificate, pre-departure activity registration, passport photocopy, and criminal records check are all safely in the hands of the Montreal JET Desk. I have officially accepted my position as a Shortlisted ALT and I am beyond thrilled! This job has been a dream of mine for nine years and I am so excited to finally make that dream a reality.

99 days ’til Japan!


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